DragonBall: Shattered Hope
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DragonBall: Shattered Hope

Ever since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!
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Thus ends the story of Dragon Ball Shattered Hope III. But wait! This isn't the end! The story isn't over! Over ten playable races, forty quests and techniques, and growing all the time! Five hundred and seventy-five years after the metaseries' conclusion, the Saiyans have returned. Earthlings are on the universal stage. Majins have created their own planet. Original races like Solar Saiyans and The Seraphim are present, returning from times forgotten. Rule the galaxy or save it with your dying breath. Gather the Dragon Balls and shape the universe to your whim. Your imagination's the limit. Dragon Ball IV: A New Hoap! ...No one really knows why it's spelled like that. At any rate, we have cutthroat battles while holding the same wit and comedy as Toriyama's famous work. Http://www.newhoap.forumotion.com/


 Majin Ken

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Majin Ken

Majin Ken

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(I brought this over from the previous site, but I hope it's okay)

Character you wish to be(name): Majin Ken

Characters Gender: Male

Character's Race: Majin

Powerlevel: 400

Zenni: 0

Speed: 350

Stamina: 150

Alignment: neutral

Character's appearance (image):

Age: 19


Kid: 4ft 10in
Fat: 5ft 4in
Evil/Super: 6ft

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Black with red pupils

Side Note: Sometimes, Ken likes to dress himself up in a suburban style.

Characters Techniques:

Ki Blast - The most basic form of an energy wave. Ken learned this ability shortly after his birth.

Absorption - This attack allows one person to absorb another. Ken was born with this ability.

Candy Ray- When your opponent is knocked out, you can shoot a purple ray at them, turning them into candy and killing them. This candy can be eaten to gain 5% of that players powerlevel at the time of defeat, or stored in your inventory for later use, or for selling/giving to others.

Flying - This is the ability to fly using one's Ki. The user simply controls their energy and pushes out from underneath them allowing them to fly. Ken was born with this ability.

Planet you want to start on: Earth

Characters story:
Ken was born as the offspring of Majin Buu, but by unconventional means. Majin Buu actually separated a small part of his body from himself in order to give birth to Majin Ken, who he accepted as his own son. Ken matured into a child-like state very quickly, and he took immediate interest in getting stronger by any means possible. What seemed to benefit him most seemed to be fighting an opponent stronger than him.

For a long time, Ken would watch his dad fight; and learn more about what his body was capable of. However, Ken also trained himself alone with no one to help him. Fortunately, Ken also came to the realization that training by himself would not be enough. So, he decided that he would begin his own quest for power. This quest for power ultimately forced him to traverse the universe for worthy opponents that he could learn from, and possibly take their power for his own use.

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The Orange Saiyan; Master of the Ki Canon; Grandmaster of the Hope Training Academy; Grand Historian; Father of Garruk; Father of Auron; Original Solar Saiyan; Sibling of Vegeta.
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Majin Ken
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