DragonBall: Shattered Hope
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DragonBall: Shattered Hope

Ever since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!
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Thus ends the story of Dragon Ball Shattered Hope III. But wait! This isn't the end! The story isn't over! Over ten playable races, forty quests and techniques, and growing all the time! Five hundred and seventy-five years after the metaseries' conclusion, the Saiyans have returned. Earthlings are on the universal stage. Majins have created their own planet. Original races like Solar Saiyans and The Seraphim are present, returning from times forgotten. Rule the galaxy or save it with your dying breath. Gather the Dragon Balls and shape the universe to your whim. Your imagination's the limit. Dragon Ball IV: A New Hoap! ...No one really knows why it's spelled like that. At any rate, we have cutthroat battles while holding the same wit and comedy as Toriyama's famous work. Http://www.newhoap.forumotion.com/


 Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波

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Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 Empty
PostSubject: Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波   Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 EmptyWed Oct 19, 2011 7:18 pm

Explosive Wave (衝撃波)- is a technique that bursts out ki from all over the users body that can hurt or block someone/something in a sphere surrounding the user.

Effects- Can be used to block moves using ki instead of Stamina.

Requirements- 25,000PL. 200 word post (On how you learned the attack)

Super Explosive Wave (超爆発波)- The user stands charging energy around their body, then they explode with a gigantic energy sphere around their body. If the foe contacts with the Super Explosive Wave, it will deal much greater damage than the normal Explosive Wave.

Effects- Blocks all attacks using only three-fourths of the ki needed to black the attack.

Requirements- 50,000PL. 300 word post. Explosive Wave learned.


The Crescent Saiyan; Master of The Spirit Cannon; (Adoptive) Son Of Artik; (Biological) Son of Hermes; Brother of Auron.

Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 Jiraiya1plzExplosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 Jiraiya2plz
Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 Jiraiya3plzExplosive Wave(s) 衝撃波 Jiraiya4plz
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Explosive Wave(s) 衝撃波
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