DragonBall: Shattered Hope

Ever since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!
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Thus ends the story of Dragon Ball Shattered Hope III. But wait! This isn't the end! The story isn't over! Over ten playable races, forty quests and techniques, and growing all the time! Five hundred and seventy-five years after the metaseries' conclusion, the Saiyans have returned. Earthlings are on the universal stage. Majins have created their own planet. Original races like Solar Saiyans and The Seraphim are present, returning from times forgotten. Rule the galaxy or save it with your dying breath. Gather the Dragon Balls and shape the universe to your whim. Your imagination's the limit. Dragon Ball IV: A New Hoap! ...No one really knows why it's spelled like that. At any rate, we have cutthroat battles while holding the same wit and comedy as Toriyama's famous work. Http://www.newhoap.forumotion.com/

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 Xrrum Vorn

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PostSubject: Xrrum Vorn   Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:07 pm

Character you wish to be(name): Xrrum Vorn (Pronounced Crumhorn)

Character's Gender: N/A

Character's Race: Draconamekian (Half-Dragon Half-Namekian)

Zenni: 500

Powerlevel: 1,000

Stamina: 300

Speed: 450

Alignment: Evil

Character's appearance (image; or simply put "Profile Pic" and add an avatar that looks like the character):

Age: 104,761

Height: 6 feet 10 inches

Hair Color: n/a

Eye Color: Black

Ki Color: Greyish Green

Side Note:

Characters Techniques: Hellzone Grenade, Special Beam Cannon, Masenko, Draco Meteor (throws a power ball into the air thatexplodes into hundreds of meteors and rain down with ferocious velocity and pound a one hundred foot area), Draco Cannon (launches a dark special beam cannon shaped attack out of one hand), Draconian Rush (headbutts oppoent in chin, sends them flying, leaps up and elbows them twice before kicking them up again, then he grabs them and chucks them down and lands a kick at the exact moment they hit the ground on their face)

Planet you want to start on: New Planet Namek

Characters story: Dragons had begun to populate all over the peaceful planet of New Namek...of course, the Namekians wanted no trouble at all, but they couldn't lie, they didn't like the sloppy creatures invading their beautiful planet. An elder set out to tell them this, but a beautiful Dragon seduced him, and by the time it was time for the elders to lay eggs, there was a batch of eggs that had been contaminated by dragon DNA, and Kami tried to dispose of these eggs, but sadly, he overlooked one, and it hatched, thus creating the first and only existing Draconamekian ever.

He aged slower, but learned quicker than all Namekians on the planet. He was a dark hearted warrior, unlike his brethren, and was sort of shunned by his brothers. When he started getting violent and slaughtering animals, he was banished from his village and forced to live on his own, as everyone thought he was a ruthless killer. Ever sense then, he's been searching for a way off of Namek, to go to a place where he belongs. Really, he just wants to fit in, because it's not his fault that he's half of one of the most dangerous races in the world...

BB plz

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The Crescent Saiyan; Master of The Spirit Cannon; (Adoptive) Son Of Artik; (Biological) Son of Hermes; Brother of Auron.

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The Orange Saiyan; Master of the Ki Canon; Grandmaster of the Hope Training Academy; Grand Historian; Father of Garruk; Father of Auron; Original Solar Saiyan; Sibling of Vegeta.
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Xrrum Vorn
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