DragonBall: Shattered Hope

Ever since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!
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Thus ends the story of Dragon Ball Shattered Hope III. But wait! This isn't the end! The story isn't over! Over ten playable races, forty quests and techniques, and growing all the time! Five hundred and seventy-five years after the metaseries' conclusion, the Saiyans have returned. Earthlings are on the universal stage. Majins have created their own planet. Original races like Solar Saiyans and The Seraphim are present, returning from times forgotten. Rule the galaxy or save it with your dying breath. Gather the Dragon Balls and shape the universe to your whim. Your imagination's the limit. Dragon Ball IV: A New Hoap! ...No one really knows why it's spelled like that. At any rate, we have cutthroat battles while holding the same wit and comedy as Toriyama's famous work. Http://www.newhoap.forumotion.com/


 Nero the Cipher Android

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PostSubject: Nero the Cipher Android   Nero the Cipher Android EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 3:30 pm

Nero the Cipher Android Emoani10

Name: Nero

Gender: Male Genderless

Race: Android

Zenni: 500,000

Powerlevel: 1,000,000

Stamina: 2,500,000

Speed: 1,000,000

Alignment: Neutral

Age: Archaic

Height: 5'9"

Weight: Varies

Hair Color: Violet

Eye Color: Violet

Ki Color: Dark Lavender

Side Note: (Optional)


  • Honoo [Flame] (a metal tube protrudes from Nero's right palm, and launches a rapidly burning shower of sparks, igniting anything they come in contact with, like a flame thrower)
  • Mizuiiro [Aqua] (a metal tube protrudes from Nero's left palm, and launches a rapidly dowsing shower, soaking anything the droplets come in contact with and putting out any possible fire)
  • Hirune [Napalm] (a metal tube protrudes from Nero's right eye, and launches a large amount of a napalm like substance that can be ignited from a single flare)
  • Jairogan [Gyro Ball] (Nero is able to create a sphere made of a murky, metal like substance, but still in the same state of matter as ki. This explodes on contact, where it launches outward where it solidifies and sends drizzling drops of the alloy bursting and pounding into whatever it touches with great power)
  • Osui Chisso [Liquid Nitrogen] (a metal tube protrudes from Nero's left eye, and launches a large quantity of a baby blue gas that freezes over anything it comes in contact with, freezing what ever it comes in contact with, where it can be shattered by a vital blow)
  • Judikioi [Fatal Vigor] (a beam that can be fired from either one or both hands; both hands making the beam much larger, as such a Galick Gun, while the one handed variation is as thick as a Kamehameha. It will either be a turquoise or lavender pigmentation)
  • Yubi Taihoo [Finger Missile] (Nero's fingers bend back, revealing carefully placed cannons on the tip of each finger stub. Highly explosive and concussive missiles are fired from these, up to two from each finger at a time, and more than ten consecutive strikes proves fatal)
  • Yasai O [Saiyan Tail] (As Nero was once a Saiyan, it is only fair that he would have a "tail". This tail can protrude at any given time if willed from his tailbone, and though appears a furry brown, the fur will shed instantly once the spikes come out of the tail, and has a sharp scalpel like hook at the very tip, and the tail can extend up to one hundred meters, acting as a flail)
  • Namiboutou [Flashbang] (A yellow-white ball of ki that detonates on impact, and sends out a high frequency and a flash the blinds and deafens anyone who hears it for ten posts; whilst if an android hears it they short circuit and become paralyzed for five posts)
  • Raiga Bomuu [Liger Bomb] (Nero will get hold of an opponent, and lift them into the air as if to do a wrestling power bomb, but shorts all the circuits within his body so that lightning-like wisps emit from his body and shocks the opponent, flarings lightning all around, and Nero will then proceed to slam his opponent down, detonating and sending a volley of lightning bolts all around and shattering the opponent's bone structure, killing them almost instantly.
  • Kazekaku [Nucleus Burst] (Nero uses this to send this out of any part of his body whether it be his hands, his organs, his feet, anything at all. It comes out as a thing stream of energy that burns a thin hole and acts as a devastating punch to whatever it comes in contact with)
  • Genshi Yuugoo [Atomic Fusion] (This is Nero's trump card, splitting every atom within his robotic body that can destroy entire planets, but must be used with a minimum of 10 billion ki, also destroying Nero beyond recognition so he can never come back to life)

Circuit Board:

Entity Node: With this circuit, an android is capable of grasping an opponent and draining it of energy for that one battle. The energy flows out of the opponents bodily systems and into the android's body, giving them stamina, speed, and ki from the opponent; ten thousand each for every post the opponent is held. If the opponent breaks through during the grasp, the android will only draining three thousand each. This takes place as long as both hands touch the opponent.
Processor Core: Several circuits within the android's body act for this move, instantaneously scanning and analyzing an opponents movements with it's photographic nodes so that the move can be copied. This move will be added to the android's arsenal and learned almost immediately. This can be any move at all, but can only be used once per topic.
Defensive Circuit: This particular circuit is in the scalp of the android's head. It sends up a flare of ki a couple centimeters up and creates a rotating semi circle around the android to block any attack under five thousand ki.
Periphery Gambit: This technique allows the android to copy a racial trait from another race, making it their own and just stowing it into their circuits. Three may be stowed at once; any other trying to be copied after stowing previous ones, the previous ones will be deleted and replaced.
Scouting Clout: Scouters are installed within the circuitry of the eyeballs, allowing them to sense and see powerlevels, etc.
Camera Impede: This is installed within the head area of the android, which allow the android to snap pictures of anything they can see, storing up to a thousand pictures.
Projector Sieve: This allows the android to project any thought or picture they have stored as if using a projector, as logn as it is on a solid surface.

Planet of Origin: Vegeta

Planet of Residency: Earth

History: Nero was once a half blood on Planet Vegeta by the name of Seleris. His father was a pure blood, who did a raid on Earth to kidnap several humans and enslave them. Fortunately, this woman, Arabella, struck the prince, Cress, as attractive, and he freed her and took her hand in marriage. Then, they had a child, but went to Earth so that Cress and Seleris could meet Arabella's family. Cress would grow to enjoy Earth, and as Seleris came of age, Arabella passed away. Cress felt he had nothing left to live for, and simply left his child on Earth.

Wandering the planet, Seleris couldn't fend for himself much longer, and one day, found himself pounding on the door of a laboratory. A scientist opened, and slit the boy's throat immediately. He needed test subjects, and as this was just a test, the scientist named him Zero. Eventually, more projects were made, and Zero was forgotten. As the scientist grew elder, he eventually suffered from a severe cardiac infarction, leaving his androids to roam. Rebelling, Zero forgot all his old past, and renamed himself Nero. Now, he roams, trying to find out how he came to be.
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Nero the Cipher Android
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