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Ever since the universe was destroyed, King Yemma agreed to allow rebuilding. Will you aid in the construction of the Neo DragonVerse? Or will you rule the planets? Or will you just destroy it? Hope not!
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Thus ends the story of Dragon Ball Shattered Hope III. But wait! This isn't the end! The story isn't over! Over ten playable races, forty quests and techniques, and growing all the time! Five hundred and seventy-five years after the metaseries' conclusion, the Saiyans have returned. Earthlings are on the universal stage. Majins have created their own planet. Original races like Solar Saiyans and The Seraphim are present, returning from times forgotten. Rule the galaxy or save it with your dying breath. Gather the Dragon Balls and shape the universe to your whim. Your imagination's the limit. Dragon Ball IV: A New Hoap! ...No one really knows why it's spelled like that. At any rate, we have cutthroat battles while holding the same wit and comedy as Toriyama's famous work. Http://www.newhoap.forumotion.com/


 [Private] HBTC Training for Fridger

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PostSubject: [Private] HBTC Training for Fridger   [Private] HBTC Training for Fridger EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 11:06 am

Fridger stood at the edge of a volcano, one of this weird planet's many beautiful creations. Yes, the volcano was an attractive site indeed, but it was also destructive...it reminded Fridger of the females of this planet. Almost serenely, the Changeling sneered at the magma that was bubbling inside of the black mountain. Even though he was used to the cold temperatures of his home, he enjoyed lava. It was a superior substance, like something out of a dream. If only Fridger could find a way to manipulate it, he could accomplish his goal of eliminating the ungrateful human race.

Jumping up as to if drop into the lava and decease, Fridger lowered himself slowly with ki, standing only a mere half foot above the lava so he could absorb it's heat. Using his telekinesis, Fridger tried to lift the lava and mold it, but to no avail, it simply made an oversized bubble. Agitated, Fridger sighed, and used his Telekinesis to pull a large boulder out of the mountain, where he sat on it and enjoyed the heat that came from the mountain. He knew he couldn't stay on this planet that much longer, but he needed something to do, to make him feel like he himself did not leave wasted time behind.

Thinking about it, he hadn't done much training on this planet, but had heard from some aliens who were planning to attack a local city that there was a mystic chamber within the heavens of earth. It wasn't just any chamber, it was a Hyperbolic Time Chamber. He got the gist of what exactly it did, but wasn't sure how to get there and what to do when he got there. Thinking it over, he decided that his time basking in the lava's heating glory would come to an end.

Leaping to the top of the volcano, Fridger bid the beautiful mountain goodbye, and jumped high into the air, where he decided he would fly around and look for the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. If he couldn't find it, he would just use his alien resources. After flying around for three whole hours straight, Fridger knew that finding this chamber by his lonesome was useless. Shaking his head, the agitated Changeling began flying to a small fortress that contained some alien terrorists. As Fridger landed, he simply trudged up and pointed a finger at the steel door, charging a death ball.

As the Death Ball slammed into the metal door, it would launch into the dome-like fortress. Walking nonchalantly in, all of the aliens scattered, hiding and peeking out from their hiding spots just to get a glimpse of what had seemingly attacked them. Just then, a rogue Namekian that Fridger recognized as one that had been kidnapped by his father. The Namekian was actually fond of Fridger, and was given the option to be free, but instead decided to remain loyal to the Changeling race, and took missions from them whenever they felt the need to issue them. For now he worked with a small group of pathetic space trash to attack a local city filled with humans and a couple Saiyans in disguise.

At first, the rogue Namekian had been startled, but as he saw who blasted his door in, he smiled evilly. "Hello, Lord Fridger." He stated with a bow, however, none of the other aliens moved. "I am on a mission, Nohkon. I need your help locating the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Of course, you are allowed to refuse, though it is not recommended... Fridger sneered as he stated this, no doubt the Namekian would help him. "Slogan, Banner, you guys stand guard until a makeshift door is created. I'll be back, guys, I need to help an old friend. Smiling, Fridger flew back out of the door and high into the sky, while Nohkon the Namekian followed.

"So, any idea where I could possibly find this chamber? I've heard of it lots, but I cannot seem to locate it, even with my superior Changeling possibilities... Nohkon snorted softly as he reminisced the old days when him and Fridger first met. "Coincidentally, I do. The day I was taken to Planet Cooler 98, I was scooped up from the chamber. Me and a group of friends, that was, and we were fresh out of the chamber with brand new skills, fresh and bloodthirsty, but before we could leave, several pods crashed, knocking most of us out. I tried to put up a fight, but instead I was taken to you..."

The Namekian winked, sighed, then placed his index and middle fingers from each hand to his forehead, closing his eyes. "Popo...I have a worthy seeker for you. There was a slight pause, then Nohkon nodded and signaled for Fridger to follow him. Doing so, it was only ten minutes before they landed on a platform. This platform was completely and utterly isolated, but he followed Nohkon onto it, curious as to what would happen. The Namekian pointed to a cylindrical chamber, which Fridger soon recognized as what humans called elevators. Stepping into one, the Namekian got into the other, and both shot up and through the air at unimaginable speeds. Soon, they landed on a floating platform that had a large hourglass on it. The platform was like an island, but it hung, suspended in midair. There was an extremely black being smiling, with his arms crossed behind his back, who greeted them.

Fridger was confused how Nohkon had these connections, considering he was rogue, but he didn't question it at the moment. "Now, Fridger, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is extremely dangerous, and I only want you to be in there for two years straight, which will be two days on earth. I will step in with you for the first day, but then, I need to get back..." Popo handed them some sort of training clothes, which Fridger, reluctantly, got into, and entered a large room, the door locked behind him. The scene was odd, nothing but white for as far as his eye could see. It was endless, the ground, the sky, the depth, everything. A person could go insane within this thing, but as soon as he stepped in, the gravity, temperature, etc. changed drastically.

Almost pulled to the ground from the gravity, Fridger was taken by surprise. So this is why the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was so special. Doing basic, humanoid exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, etc., he could already feel his body becoming stronger with every breath. For the most part, Nohkon just watched, until he decided it was time to go deeper into the chamber, and have a spar, to really get Fridger's body going. They did so, and he saw Nohkon take a stance, placing two fingers to his forehead again, but this time, ki was sparking out.

Preparing an attack of his own, Fridger charged a Death Volley and it appeared next to the Namekian, who didn't even notice it. "Death Circus!" A halo appeared around Fridger's hands, and ten beams of dark ki twisted, pelting Nohkon's left side, and sending him into the Death Volley, which floated upwards. Nohkon finished his charging, and stlil barely noticed what had happened, and shot a coiled beam at the wall of the volley, trying to break loose, but instead, it bounced back and ricocheted against the ball over and over and over again until it finally ripped a hole into the Namekian's chest. "Nice job...cough...now let me outta here, you're ready. Shaking his head, the Death Volley imploded, killing the Namekian on the spot. "You're pathetic, helping the very people who enslaved you...kukuku..."

It appeared that other had heard the implosion or sensed other ki signatures, because four new beings appeared from the endless cloud of white to see the scene of the murder. one trembled, buckled, and vomited. The others, however, just grimaced.

Watching the beings, there seemed to be a Majin, two Namekians, and a Biological Android, all grouped together. The Namekians nodded in utter hatred, and the Majin was the first to attack. One pink arm launched at rocket speeds, showing how long he had been in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and how much he has gotten used to it, and since Fridger's speed was still a bit stunted, he grunted as the pink arm pelted him in the chest with a clinched fist, winding him. The Biological Android was next, appearing behind Fridger and clubbing him in the back, sending him to the misty ground. The Namekians strolled over, and began to stomp on the Changeling who murdered their fellow being. They thought he might have had enough, and the group began to descend deeper within the depths, but they shouldn't have turned their backs. In the short seconds he was left, horns sprouted from his head and Fridger bulked up a bit; his frame expanding. Apparently, these guys had good hearts, but unlike them, Fridger was neutral, and could kill anyone without feeling a thing, whilst they let him be.

It would appear that Fridger was going under a transformation, his first to be exact. He felt the power surging through him as his power level exploded. Laughing maniacally, he stood and launched, now outdoing the gravity, flying at such high velocities he was a blur, and aimed his head into the back of the Biological Android. When the troupe of aliens turned, it was too late, as Fridger gored his horns through the bug like creature, sending an odd colored blood seeping out of his body. The creature wasn't dead, but he was definitely injured. Stunned, like before, the Majin was the first to move, sending out it's arms to try and tie Fridger up, but it was useless. Jumping out of the grip of the Majin, the Changeling charged a Stardust Breaker and whipped it at the first Namekian, who dodged, letting it hit the other Namekian. See where mercy gets you? And this particular Namekian was selfish...that'd be his downfall. Distracted by his counterpart's attack, he assumed the ki ball would end there, but as if it were a boomerang, the Stardust Breaker shot back towards it's original target, pelting him in the stomach. Now that both Namekians had been hit, a rainbow formed from them, stunting their movement. Grinning, Fridger turned back to the Majin, who disappeared. Looking around, he didn't notice the puddle of pink ooze that was right next to his feet. Solidifying, the Majin, who Fridger decided to call Guu from that point on, wrapped his entire body around his target's legs, and be can to squeeze, attempting to shatter Fridger's mobility devices. Pointing with his index finger, Fridger began charging ki, which he simply poked the pink Majin, who had suspected something horrible, shrugged it off as nothing had happened. Just then, Fridger aimed a hand, which charged with a red hot ki ball, at the Majin, and launched a slow moving, fiery beam at the Majin, forcing him into his liquid state. As he reformed, Fridger shouted "Moonrock Crater!" With the Namekians bound and the Biological Android knocked out, nothing saved the Majin as his body imploded into nothing, completely demolished. Just then, the rainbow exploded, killing the Namekians. The only one alive was the Bio-Android, in which Fridger slung over his shoulder and continued onward.

He was only walking for what seemed to be a couple of seconds before he found yet another pair of opponents. A dragon and a demon were dwelling, having a spar within the chamber. Grinning, second state Fridger ripped an arm off of the Biological Android and threw it at the demon, proceeding to throw the body at the dragon entirely. The demon had realized in time, but the dragon was too slow, and got pelted. That's when the android woke up, and did so to immense pain. This time it would be three on one, well, three and four fifths on one. Channeling Ki, Fridger though of a new strategy. He thought he could just take them all out at once.

"Deathzone Grenade!" About twenty balls of red and black ki shot around the group, but again, the demon was the one to escape, and they all detonated at the same time, comepletely killing the Biological Android, and ripping a hole in one of the dragon's wings. Suddenly, Fridger was blindsided by a double hand club to the back of his head, and was then kneed in the stomach, removing all wind from his body. Gasping for breath, the demon who had assaulted Fridger super kicked him in the face, sending him into the white, misty ground.

Looking up with pure loath, Fridger aimed one finger. "Death B--" He could not even finish his sentence as the demon lifted his foot and stomped at Fridger's finger, breaking his finger completely. Wincing, Fridger realized he had never met an opponent to do even this much to him. Grasping him by one horn, the demon lifted Fridger up into the air, headbutted him in the chin (causing his face to look down), before punching him in the stomach. Throwing Fridger into the air was a bad mistake, even if it did whip a volley of red ki balls at him. Fridger was able to deflect some, but was unfortunately struck violently by others.

With his uninjured hand, Fridger placed it behind his back, charging a ferocious disc of pure ki...the Deviant Disc. As he began to fall back down towards the demon, with the enhanced Hyperbolic Time Chamber gravity, he was coming down at unimaginable velocities. It didn't appear that the demon saw the disc, but he swiftly pulled it around at the same time the demon was about to use his own attack. The Deviant Disc completely amputated the left shoulder of the demon, severing his arm entirely. Just then, he also whipped it at the dragon, who had begun to charge. Cutting the dragon in half. That just left the demon.

Even with just one arm, the demon was taking Fridger to school, and learned from his previous mistake to not even give him ten seconds to react. He created an arm out of ki, and just beat the living hell out of Fridger, who, at this point, wished he would just get finished off. Fridger had been secretly storing ki, which mended his broken finger, and then began stowing it in his free hand. The demon seemed to be getting tired of just kicking Fridger around, so he didn't even notice. Finally, he backed away and began compacting a ball of ki himself.

This few seconds were just enough for Fridger to kip up and launch a death beam through his right index finger, running straight through the demon's face. As his ki arm dispersed, he knew he had done it. The demon hit his knees, with glossy eyes. Charging a miniature deviant disc, he lifted the demon's chin and sliced his head clean off. At this point, Fridger felt he had had enough of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber until he heard an extremely familiar voice...his cousin's voice...

"Sh-Sh-Shiva? What the hell are you...?" Just as Fridger expected, Shiva came out of the white mist, in his final form. His exoskeleton was remarkably smooth. Trudging out, Shiva smiled. "Same as you, Fridger...long time no see my brethren..." Fridger was a bit confused, but he simply just stared at his cousin. Shiva walked past Fridger and headed towards the entrance. He signaled for Fridger to follow and he did so, and he caught up while they walked. Even walking in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was a workout.

If it was even possible, Shiva looked even more beat up than Fridger. As they drew closer to the entrance, Fridger asked for a quick spar. "Well...Fridger, I'm in a bit of a hurry to get back to Planet Cooler 98, but sure...a quick one will do." Smiling, Fridger was already on the move. He upward kicked Shiva, attempting to throw him in the air, but his tail wrapped around Fridger's legs, and whipped him forcefully into the air. Jumping up, Shiva began a rush attack. He roundhouse kicked Fridger in the chest, causing him to spin rapidly. "Death Ricochet!" Shiva created a cube around Fridger, causing it to shrink rapidly, before sending it against all the walls. By the time Fridger got out, he wished he hadn't asked for a fight. Shiva said he guessed that made him the the winner, but he, like everyone else who ever fought Fridger, made the mistake of turning their back on him for even a split second. In that short time, a Death Volley appeared around Shiva. He was caught off guard, and had already headed for the exit when the volley imploded, but with not enough force to kill him. Smiling, Fridger walked and stood over his cousin momentarily.

Helping Shiva up, his cousin admitted defeat, and bid farewell to Fridger, leaving the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and entering a space pod, flying back to Planet Cooler 98. Shiva was one of the only people in the world Fridger respected, and now he was gone. Mr. Popo looked at Fridger suspiciously, as he enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Nohkon, and left alone. Mr. Popo knew what happened, but also knew Fridger had the potential to do great things, so didn't question him. With that, Fridger remembered the location by heart, and left the floating platform. It only, just like before, took ten minutes to get back to the volcano so Fridger could once more bask in it's heat.

Indeed, Fridger had only been in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for two days, but inside, it took days, maybe even weeks just to walk around and exercise. It seemed like he was in their for a couple of years, but time ceased to exist somehow. Jumping into the volcano and landing on his cliffhang once again, Fridger closed his eyes and began to relax, as he had also undergone his second transformation. That made him one step closer to acquiring the tools necesary for his ideals. For now, however, he dropped his weighted training clothing into the magma, and meditated...

[ - 3,019 - ]

Used on 50 lbs. WTC for double the gains.

6 times the gain for HBTC.
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[Private] HBTC Training for Fridger Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Private] HBTC Training for Fridger   [Private] HBTC Training for Fridger EmptySat Oct 22, 2011 11:44 am

+3,500,000 PL
+3,000,000 Stamina
+2,500,000 Speed

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[Private] HBTC Training for Fridger
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